Nationally recognized but locally focused, Team Honeycutt was founded by Betty and Diane Honeycutt in 1990. Together they built a team of Real Estate Professionals who care and value relationships.

Team Honeycutt has a heart of gold and unbridled enthusiasm when it comes to their real estate clients and their community. This team has built a solid foundation of clients by being a trusted advisor over the years. They realize that each client has a unique set of needs and make sure they concentrate on those specific needs.

Treating clients like family is both a guiding principle and a way of life for the award-winning Team Honeycutt. Comprised of a mother/daughter duo and a team of experienced professionals, the team is dedicated to listening intently and matching individuals and families with properties that best suit their needs.

It’s no surprise they have been ranked multiple times in the top 250 Teams in the USA of 2 millions agents.

Let Us Be Your Community Connection

Team Honeycutt loves their community! They are convinced that once they show you around, you will to, and will want to plant roots here.

“Team Honeycutt’s sphere of influence expands beyond the real estate world into the community at large. Their members are actively involved in and understand the value of their communities, its schools, and its different neighborhood dynamics. Their community involvement proves them to be not just real estate agents, but trusted advisors, neighbors, and friends.”

The team’s biggest accomplishment is their commitment to giving back to their community. While the team has volunteered countless hand on volunteer hours since 2003, they have also contributed over $150,000 to non-profits in the community from the team Community Fund – which is created from a portion of every closing commission each agent has. In fact, Team Honeycutt was recognized by the Cabarrus Regional Chamber of Commerce as the inaugural Volunteer Business of the Year in 2018! This is a team who truly loves their community.

Meet our Team:

    Betty Honeycutt-Team Leader              Diane Honeycutt-Team Leader            Margaret Dabbs-Realtor Partner

    Lora Riddle-Realtor Partner                 Jenny Dabbs-Realtor Partner              Hannah Morris-Realtor Partner

 Dakeita Vanderburg-Realtor Partner         Jennifer Parsley-Realtor Partner             
                         Jeanne Hodges-Listings Manager                

Kristin Morrison-Marketing Manager                          Tate-Team Honeycutt Mascot