Lora Riddle

Realtor Partner

My Bio:

Lora Riddle may have taken a winding path to real estate, but her tech-savvy mindset, negotiating strength, and caring personality make her a veritable powerhouse at Team Honeycutt. Lora Riddle grew up in the Charlotte area. When she was in high school, she worked at a nursing home and thought nursing was her vocation. She continued on to UNC-Charlotte to pursue more training but ultimately decided that nursing was not for her. After taking a job at a real estate office in Concord as an administrative assistant, she found that she was strongly attracted to a real estate career and received her license in 1986. She started out in corporate relocation, enjoying the excitement of traveling the country, but found that it took her away too much from her husband (a teacher and football coach), son, and daughter. This drove her to become a general broker. She knew that she would rather work with a team, finding her way to Diane and Betty Honeycutt. Lora’s natural strengths are contract negotiations and closing the deal. Driven and curious, she loves adapting to new situations, and knows that staying on top of trends and continually training in shifting areas such as social media make her a great agent for today’s changing landscape. A true team player, she loves to point out that each Team Honeycutt member is exceptionally strong in effective marketing and tech know-how. Even though she has always been a tough competitor who loves to win at the “game” of real estate, Lora always makes sure that her clients find the home that’s perfect for them. “In real estate, it’s not just about winning and finding the right home for the client; it’s about connecting with people on a personal level. At the end of the day, I wouldn’t feel good about the financial reward of real estate if I didn’t think I did a great job for my client.” Making every effort to listen and learning about her clients’ passions are Lora’s keys to being a happy, successful realtor.