Ready to start your home search? Here’s how to maximize your time:

The key to making the most of your home searching process is to make a list of needs and wants.


Your first focus should be on what you or your family must have in a home. This usually translates to the core characteristics of the house; for example, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and size of the home.

When you’re thinking about your must haves, we would also encourage you to include location,proximity to your workplace and community amenities, too.

Once you've established your needs, you can then shift your attention to the wants.

Things like yard size, garage space, a chef's kitchen, or office space are all desirable, but typically won't be a deal breaker. This is where compromise often comes into play and you’ll find that most homes will have most of what you want, but perhaps not everything.

It even helps to rank your wants so you can work from an ordered list to help you make a decision.

Having these priorities will help narrow your search by keeping your focus on homes that fit your criteria.

Searching for homes is exciting and Team Honeycutt wants to offer our services if you need help. As agents, we can expedite the search process for you, get you into houses outside of open house times, and give my expert opinion on any homes you might be looking at.